MAY 6, 2021

Our Cream Pastel Print is inspired by all the beautiful flowers around the world. This gorgeous print reminds us of dreamy summer days with friends and family.

We saw a meadow and got inspired by the colorful butterflies surrounding you in it when we created our Black Multi Color Print. The warmth of the sun touching your face and the wind blowing your hair.

This amazing Pink Flower Print reminds us of that special feeling when your heart skips a beat for someone special. The pink color reflects the warm feeling inside of you.

This Black Flower Mini Print is an exciting romance where the black color meets the windflower. Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom; they just open up and turn towards the light.


APR 13, 2021

This years Summer collection is all about vacation in the nordics… Our beautiful dresses, tops and sets are inspired by the Swedish summers and nature.  That lovely feeling of relaxing by the water in the archipelago with sun-kissed skin. The late nights with your friends and family, just hanging out and living in the moment. And of course that special feeling of a summer flirt that makes you wish for a never ending summer…

The Swedish midsummer celebrations in the archipelago inspired us to create our Kharma dress…

We thought of you sunbathing and relaxing on a boat, a hot summer day… Our Feather skirt and Prom blouse suits the weather perfectly with its flowy pink material…

Our Pia blouse and Polly shorts are perfect for late gatherings by the water with your friends and family…

Imagine you and your date, a breezy summer night by this lighthouse… that’s how our Asti dress came to life…

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MAR 19, 2021

As the city awakens, rays of sunshine spread over paved sideways, corner cafes and empty benches. Eating lunch with friends or going to a rooftop party, no matter the occasion, the collection will enhance every cheerful experience. Inspired by the most beautiful cities in Europe, the Dry Lake Spring 2021 collection is all about bringing sunshine to any day of the week!

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FEB 25, 2021

Our Dry lake white collection this year is all about you. Whether you like it tight and fitted or loose and relaxed, if you are graduating, are going to a backyard party, the beach, or just want to have that summer feeling doing whatever! We have options to match your preferences and personality for all “white dress required” special occasions.
Check out our style guide below to find your perfect dress!


The A-shaped fit brings you the ultimate relaxation and free feeling to have fun for several hours. A lace dream inspired by the Swinging 60´s, with a modern touch. Match with your favorite sneakers and be ready for a day full of festivities and switch to a pair of heels to party all night long.


We love these stylish dresses and cannot get enough of the frills and cute wrap details, adjustable in waist to fit all body types and highlight your curves. Feminine and trendy at the same time, you can easily wear them to many occasions – and easily dress it up or down depending on what look you want.


Our all-time favorite Ada Jumpsuit is back this season, now in a timeless white design This elegant and comfortable jumpsuit leaves you with no worries if standing upside down and jump for joy. Wear with heels and dazzling jewelry for the party or sneakers and a cool jacket for the ultimate weekend look. The fit is relaxed, yet very flattering thanks to the V-neck front, with a push button in neckline for you to decide your sassiness for the day.


The perfect party dress of all times! For a more figurative and playful look. Our Helena Dress is the perfect graduation or party dress if you want a young and flirty look. The beautiful lace and the frills create a stylish contrast to the fitted body. The asymmetric off-shoulder ads a trendy edge to this simple dress, lovely!


The simple and cute dress, perfect to wear casually and works both for the office, school, the dinner-date or to any of the season’s graduation parties. The relaxed fit and waist tie band makes it both comfortable and chic, and it suits all kinds of body shapes. Easy to wear, just match with different accessories and shoes to decide what look you want.

Find all styles in our White Collection!

Blossom by blossom the spring begins and as the days gets brighter and brighter, we’re dreaming of flowery prints and bright and pastel colors. Timeless, yet trendy with a pastel touch, are keywords for us this time of the year.

Our Spring 2021 Collection embrace that magical feeling of hope and a fresh start that we have been longing for all winter. The combination of bright, earthy and pastel colors and flowery prints gives us that special spring feeling!

Spring is a time of new beginnings and this collection focus on making you feel like your best self in flowing, feminine dresses or in that perfect feelgood top. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit to work or a stylish but get elegant look to wear for the date night, our spring collection has it all!

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NOV 27, 2020

We got the opportunity to have a quick chat with the Portuguese influencer Andreia Moreira. She inspire us every day and we are so excited to get to know more about her thoughts and style this Winter Season!

You inspire us every day with your style, how would you describe it?
Thank you so much! I definitely go for neutral tones a lot. I like clean, minimalistic looks (with some color, too), but I don’t stick to one style in particular. You might find me wearing edgy, girly or comfortable looks, all in the same week.


Where do you find your inspiration?
From people around me (my mom’s teenage looks were awesome, for instance!), from cool cities I’ve visited, from celebrities and influencers that I admire (Hailey Bieber has a really good sense of style), and even from Fashion Week’s and other events I’ve been lucky to attend.


Which pieces do you see as the key pieces this winter season?
This one is easy: chunky boots, maxi coats, leather pants and knit waistcoats are some of my must-haves this season!

What are your top three ”must haves” in your beauty routine this time of the year?
I don’t wear foundation, so I like to keep my skin as clear as possible. I would have to say a deep exfoliation routine (followed by a good moisturizer), and as for makeup, I always wear lots of blush & mascara! I´ve also been loving wearing dark brown or black nail polish.


What’s your plans for the future?
For now, I’m really looking forward to finally hug my friends and family again (this pandemic has made me appreciate these small things even more). I want to keep working in communication and fashion – and I would love to start traveling again soon.

Did you get as inspired by Andreia as us, make sure to follow @andreiadmmoreira on Instagram!


OCT 29, 2020

When the dark season settles, we wish to bring you the glitter and the glam, the sparkle to light up the night. Be your own muse through your party scenes adventures, the first on the dance floor and the last one to leave, the life and soul of every party, and always the best dressed…

Dry Lake Winter 2020 collection is all about celebration and having a really, really good time… As always, our goal is to inspire and to create the perfect wardrobe of the season. Now it is definitely with focus on the winter and the holidays with the essential easy to wear styles for every given occasion.

Whether you are going to a private dinner with your closest friends, attaining the biggest IT Party of the year or just looking for something special for a day at the office, we have the key pieces fulfilling every holiday occasion. Put your high heels on and shine like a star-spangled winter sky. Be ready for the time of your life, cause here we go!

The Story behind our fall prints

OCT 19, 2020

Prints are the main characteristic of Dry lake and our collections, and with a new season comes new prints. We follow fall fraom late summer into early winter, and the prints from the collection were inspired by the colors of the season. We’ve selected some of our favorite prints and we want to share the story behind them.

Our luxurious Brown Leo Print takes its inspiration from the earthy tones that mirrors the fall trends. This gorgeous fabric and print is classic, yet trendy, and will therefore be a perfect choice any day of the week. All in all, this is the ultimate fall print!

The Yellow Rose Print is perfect for any fall occasion, inspired by the fading flowers of the season. The trendy yellow flower print adds something extra to any outfit, yet it is very easy to match. This print definitely brings our thoughts to an afternoon stroll in the fresh autumn winds.

From Asian bamboo and sheer flowers, we got the inspiration to our Black Cherry Print. This stunning cherry print will add that extra to your outfit when you feel like you want to go for some color rather than all black. We just love the print on our Katie Dress!


OCT 12, 2020

We just love those versatile clothing pieces that can be worn both during day- and nighttime. Maybe you are going out for dinner or drinks after a day at the office? Or maybe you just want a quick way to make your outfit a bit more dressed up? We have chosen some pieces from our Fall 2020 collection to show how they can be styled for daytime wear as well as for more fancy occasions at night.

Faux leather chic in Lykke Oversized Shirt
During daytime this faux leather shirt goes really well with a pair of light washed jeans and a white tank top. Your favorite sneakers will also give the look an even cooler vibe! To transform this look for nighttime, swap jeans for even more faux leather, like our Flarry Trousers, and a pair of heels. Add a matching belt for a more defined figure!

Romantic and feminine in Feather Skirt
Put on your favorite knitted sweater and a comfortable pair of sneakers with our feather skirt and you will be good to go for the day! To look more dressed up, wear the skirt with a silky blouse like our Eva Blouse and your go-to heels. Chilly weather? Bring a faux fur jacket. We can’t get enough of our Smoothie Biker Mid Jacket!

From cute to cool in Jaxon Dress
You won’t go unnoticed in our beautiful, bright yellow Jaxon Dress! This dress can easily be worn with a black pair of sneakers and a headband for a cute look during the day. For nighttime it can be toughened up with a biker jacket, a small purse and boots. We love the mix of cute and edgy!


AUG 31, 2020

Our Fall 2020 collection is launching soon, and we want to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come as well as share our thoughts behind the collection. Our focus is always to inspire and to create the perfect back-to-work wardrobe, with the essential styles for every given fall occasion and easy-to-wear looks with a comfortable fit and relaxed silhouette.

Fall this year paints the world in vivid shades of saffron and russet, like a mighty flower garden blossoming under the spell of the clear and crisp skies. A fallen leaf is more than a summer’s wave goodbye, you know for sure when watching the colorful dance on a windy day.

The Dry Lake signature prints are back in a sophisticated color scheme that mirrors the fall trends, the earthy tones, and the fading flowers of the seasons. From lighter flower prints and créme together with hints of bright pink and mint, as a subtle flirt with our previous high summer collection, through beige, browns and muted greens into blacks.

The collection is about contrasts and combining what we loved from summer with what we are excited about for fall. Cute tops and feminine dresses in flower prints, and bright yellow meets edgy faux leather shirts and sexy, luxurious jumpsuits.

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Stay tuned!



AUG 17, 2020

Dry Lake got the chance to have a quick chat with the most experienced influencer of them all… Lady Silver.  Through social media, Lady Silver shares her knowledge in life and devotion for training along with fashionable outfits. All in all, she spreads positivity and is a big inspiration!  We wanted to ask her about her summer, the upcoming fall and of course fashion! Come along!

We love your style! How would you describe it?
Thanks! I would say that my style reflects who I am, that I am always being myself as well as wanting to feel comfortable. Therefore I wear clothes that express this.

This summer has not been like every other… What can you tell us about your summer?
No it has definitely been different for many people, but speaking for myself I love spending the summer in Sweden in my hometown Stockholm. When a lot of people are fleeing the city I find it wonderful strolling around or going for a bike ride when there is little traffic. I have also gone on many day trips, gone hiking in Sörmlandsleden and taken many morning swims in the water where I live.

What are your best styling tips for the summer?
My best styling tip is to dress comfortably in what you feel like wearing on that specific day. If you want to wear comfortable clothes but with an extra edge you can always pair them with accessories like jewelry, sunnies or a handbag.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from different photoshoots that I do, and it’s usually the best way for me to discover new clothing items that I normally wouldn’t have chosen myself. For example, on my latest shoot for Dry Lake I discovered that I look really good in green, whilst before I didn’t like that color on me. I was wearing a wonderful skirt which I love wearing now.

Do you have any plans for the upcoming fall?
Some friends of mine actually asked me the other day if I want to join them to Portugal this winter, but I told them that I can’t give them an answer to that yet. I live for the day and I want to continue doing so. I prefer being spontaneous and take everything as I go. It’s important to live here and now and not be looking forward all the time, you never know what’s going to happen or what you feel like doing in a few months.

Thank you for this inspiring interview! 

Make sure to go follow @byladysilver on instagram !


AUG 04, 2020

Cape Town is a fashionable city where global trends meet local influences. The style ranges from classy dresses in fancy bars to relaxed safari looks, hence there is  something for everyone! In addition, its warm climate allows for more lightweight outfits. Inspiration also arises from the health oriented lifstyle that shines through every part of the city. Restaurants and cafés offer healthy foods and people make sure to stay active by going for a jog on the beach, surfing or taking a yoga class.

Our close friend and health guru Matilde visited this vibrant city last winter and we get to come along on some highlights from the trip, getting a glimpse of what Cape Town has to offer. Let’s go!

This day was spent exploring the beautiful South African nature in Nocco Dress . The mountain offers a view overlooking the city of Cape Town and all the greenery.

A pit stop by the beach in our Bela Ankle Dress , a perfect match with the surrounding palm trees. The white sand and turquoise water creates the ultimate vacation feeling.

Finishing off the day with a stroll along the beach in Fox Dress, listening to the waves and feeling the sand in between the toes…

…before changing in to our Ada Jumpsuit in brown leopard jacquard (coming soon) paired with a straw bag, the perfect outfit for a dinner out. Taking our time and enjoying the beautiful scenery whilst looking for the right place to eat at.

Want to see more from Matilde?

Go follow @healthbym and @matildew on instagram!


June 29, 2020

New season means new prints! This time around they are all inspired by summer and everything that comes with it. Prints are a key part of Dry lake and a lot of thought goes in to choosing just the right ones. We would like to share the story behind some of the prints in our high summer collection.

The Pink Leaf Print is perfect for any warm summer day, inspired by the shadows of palm tree leaves on a sunny beach. The colors gives it a soft and romantic touch, meanwhile the defined pattern creates a more edgy look. This print definitely brings our thoughts to many memorable summer days!

Our beautiful Pink Flower Print also takes its inspiration from the beach, but more specifically from exotic flowers on white sand beaches. The print is colorful yet subtle, and will therefore be a perfect choice any day of the week! We just love the print on our Katie Dress !

Imagine looking out on turquoise water under the gazing sun. Can you feel the ocean breeze and hear the relaxing sound of waves? This is what we had in mind when we created our Mint Wave Print. The pattern represents the different movements of water and the mint color gives it that beautiful summer vibe. All in all, this is the ultimate summer print!


JUN 08, 2020

We all want that gorgeous dress to wear on a special occasion.
But what if you could wear our fabulous dresses on a regular Tuesday, without looking over the top?

Don’t wait for that special occasion! Here are our best tips to mix and match our dresses to casually wear every day.

The Urban Fashionista

Our Kimchi Long Dress is for the girl who wants to look cute and stylish!
It’s one of our most elegant pieces and the white and pink flower print is new for this season.
Throw on a denim jacket and a pair of white sneakers and you will easily get away with wearing this long dress anywhere!

Summer ready!

Our beautiful Lassie Dress can be worn on many occasions when you want to look your best!
It’s made of a beautiful, pink, zig-zag satin with a shimmering look, perfect for a summer wedding.

Don’t have a special event coming up soon? Just pair it with your favourite summer shoe, sunglasses and a casual bag for that effortless boho look!

Mix street and sparkle

Sometimes we want to shine and sparkle in the middle of the week.
Classy Dress is the showstopper we wish to wear every day, but how do you dress down this stunner?

We paired the sparkle with street vibes to give it a bit of edge. Match it with a casual jacket and it will work for any occasion!
Want to give it an even more chilled look? Put on a cap and a casual pair of shoes and you’ll look fabulous but not over the top.

Beach glam

Sun, ice cream and summer! This year we want to add glamour to our beach days and Sharon Long Dress is the ultimate choice!

The mint green is the summer colour of 2020 and makes us think of long days laying by the pool.
We paired it with casual details such as a straw hat and matching bag for a down to earth feel. The sandals ads to the effortless look and we can’t wait to wear this on our next trip to the beach!

Maria Sagvik

MAY 05, 2020

Dry Lake got the opportunity to have a quick chat with Norwegian lifestyle and fashion blogger Maria Sagvik!
We wanted to know which pieces Maria thinks is trending right now and how she combines her effortless style with her new life situation as a mother.


Hi Maria! We love your style; how would you describe it?
I´m very classic and feminine but with a taste of edge.

 Which pieces do you see as the key pieces this season?
The key piece this season is the set. Dress pants, blazer, and a matching trench coat. Tone by tone is also a favorite of mine and I think that we’re going to see it a lot this season. Otherwise, the vest will be a key garment and various leather pieces. I already have several leather garments in different colors that I look forward to using.

We have been following you for a while, and we were so excited to see that you were expecting children. How has life changed since you became a mother?
Life changed for the better when I became a mother. Everything is extra meaningful, and the days are filled with an indescribable love! At the same time, I must say that life has become much busier and I have been much more concerned with planning than I was before.

Do you think that your style has changed since you became a mother?  
Yes, absolutely! My personal style is always evolving, but since I became a mom, I have probably become more concerned with comfort and that it should go easier and quicker in the morning. My body has also changed, and it affects how I dress. 

Maria, it was so nice to have a chat with you, what’s your plan for the future?
I’m in a pretty established place in life. Going forward, I see lots of time with my wonderful family combined with work and blogging. I will continue to share my style and everyday life on Instagram and the blog. I hope you will stop by and follow me!

A big thank you Maria for your participation and we wish you all the best for the future!

Do you feel inspired by Maria’s outfit? Then check out our lovely Hamilton Trousers and Lou Lou Coat at our website.

My Italian postcard

april 27, 2020

Our lovely High Summer collection has finally arrived!
The inspiration comes from dreamy postcards, sent from the coastal villages of the Mediterranean. A Road trip with your best friend or your summer lover. Outfits made for stop by at beaches, for pizzas at small piazzas, night walks in narrow alleys of a picturesque and pastel-hued town, a fairy tale party at the chateau garden and much more. It’s all about making memories with laughter, adventures, magical views and fashion.

The inspiration comes together in pastels and soft and flowy materials, perfect must-haves for your high summer wardrobe.
Mint, bright pink and beige, colours from the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the view of a faded pink sky over stone villas just before sunset.

”The collection is based on a loosely fitted style, wrap dresses, dramatic asymmetric draping, wooden details, satin, flowers, jacquards and some sequins on top. All that just goes really well with a tan…”

– Regina Rönnqvist, Head of Design

Our Story behind the prints

april 21, 2020


Everyone knows that prints are the main characteristic of Dry lake and our collections.
Our goal is to bring vibrant and colourful prints into your everyday wardrobe, and we work hard each season to offer you just the right ones to brighten your day and make any cheerful occasion special.
The prints from our Spring 2020 collection were inspired by the blooming of early spring, its longer, brighter days and a soft colour palette. We’ve selected some of our best prints and we want to share the story behind them.

The Blue Dandelion Print is the perfect transition from winter to early spring. We chose the blue colour for its compatibility with the black pieces in our collection. Blue Dandelion is the perfect mix of floral and edge, just right for the early months of spring.

We wanted the collection to have a touch of romance and vintage vibe, so we added the beautiful Medallion print in pink and light blue. This print makes us reminiscent of the wallpapers at our grandmother’s home. The soft pink and blue colour gives this print a more romantic feel and we love it!

With our beloved Sketch print, we wanted to add a modern and experimental touch. Depending on how colourful you want to be you can choose between the Sketch print in blue or pink with yellow details. These prints make us joyful and excited for spring!

Easter inspo and competition.

april 09, 2020

We at Dry Lake want to celebrate Easter with you!
We know that times are difficult right now, and we want to cheer you up like a ray of sunshine.
Get inspired by our pieces in cute pastel colours to brighten your day, and join our Easter competition for a chance of winning a gift card!

Happy Easter from Dry Lake

What is an Easter without a traditional egg hunt?
We’ve hidden three precious Easter eggs on our website!
Let us know when you find them and which product, it’s hiding behind. Send us a DM on Instagram and we will pick a winner who will receive a gift card of 1.000 SEK!

Didn’t find the eggs in time? No worries, we’ll send you a discount code for participating. So, we can all be winners!

The yellow daffodil

We feel inspired by the ultimate Easter flower, the daffodil!
Our Ara Blouse and Nanny Dress, both in a pretty, pastel yellow, is the perfect colour to brighten your look! Pair with your favourite accessories and you’re ready for any Easter lunch!

Pretty in pastels

These pastel prints look good enough to eat!

Pair our Lise Blouse with a pair of leather pants for an edgier style or check out our Boho Mid Dress for a more laid-back look. Both in a pink striped print that gives us spring vibes, we love it!


APRIL 03, 2020

Hi Arijana! You’re a big inspiration! Not only are you an inspirational entrepreneur, but you are also one of our biggest inspirational in furnishings. We are so excited to see your new home, but when we are waiting for the makeover, let’s have a quick talk chat!

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from traveling and all the impressions you gain from that, and I also love Pinterest for inspiration!

What’s your best advice for someone who’s feeling lost for when it comes to furnishing?
I think that the most important thing is to find your own style and personal feel. Trends, they come and go, so don’t concentrate on what every Instagramer decorator posts. What would fit your home the best? Start with your preferences and the potential for your home. Choose a theme and align your furnishing.

What trends do we see in furnishings this next season?
That people dare to go their own way. More vintage and second-hand interior, love it! I also think that you can swap furnishings with others, and then you could always swap them back when you got tired of them. Like with clothes! 😉

We’ve noticed that you and your husband are thinking of selling your house, where are you guys heading, and what are your thoughts on your new home?
Our house isn’t sold yet. But! We’ve already bought a new flat! I’m going to do a total refurbishment of the flat, and my followers will, of course, be able to follow the entire process on my Instagram. The new flat is a turn of the century apartment with the original details preserved. A total dream! I’m so looking forward to getting going with the renovation, and I’ve already started to plan everything. A new kitchen and bathroom have to be ordered, and all color hues need to be decided. Knowing myself, I’m probably to change my mind a hundred times on a bunch of different stuff, just like when we were done with the drawings for the new kitchen. I got home and stayed awake the entire night, thinking that we should have an additional sketch to compare with to be sure. My husband doesn’t mind though! We’re a great team and complete each other with our different qualities.

What are your career goals?
I’ve always strived to reach new goals during my entire adult life, and I haven’t appreciated what I’ve accomplished before I’ve started on something new, with new goals and dreams. My primary goal right now is to stay healthy, feel good and live life day by day. With that said, I’m an entrepreneur, and I have upcoming plans. But we can talk about those later on 😉

Thank´s Arijana for this quick chat! We hope that everything is going great with your new apartment. We looking forward to following the makeover and to see the change, it´s going to be magical.

Don´t miss to follow this inspirational queen on Instagram<


MARCH 22th, 2020

While waiting for the sun to fully arrive, we need to work with layers to keep warm while still looking impeccable. Combine your new spring styles with some of your wardrobe heroes.

Timeless, yet trendy with a pastel touch, are keywords for us this time of the year. Have a look at our style guide and some trendy styling tips for your weekly outfits, to copy and paste or just to inspire you to make up your own combo outfits with the latest arrivals from our store.

Let your creativity flow, and make the dress season a lot longer…


A classic white shirt with that little extra! Our Alida Blouse is timeless and trendy at the same time. A modern update of the classic white shirt. The loose fit and the semi-long sleeves contribute to that chic effortlessly relaxed feel.
We matched it here with our marvelous black faux leather Sansa trousers, a must in everyone’s wardrobe. The tight and stretchy fit makes them very comfortable to wear and perfect to combine with a more relaxed fit blouse as Alida Blouse – And the best part – no animal was hurt to make them.

With sneakers and an oversized jacket, you go casual.
But as here, together with a pair of your favorite boots and a classic camel wool coat, you have a stylish and perfect Monday business combo!