Feb 14th, 2020

”Love to me is the feeling of ultimate happiness, the feeling I get when I spend time with friends and family and my husband, that feeling that you get when you are 100% relaxed and the place where you can be yourself.”

Fleur Verkhoek

”Love to me is when you care so much about someone that it hurts you when they are in pain.
It’s about giving someone the power to destroy you, while trusting them not to.”

-Amanda Claesson 

”Honestly I believe that love is simply too complex to be properly defined – maybe because it not supposed to be comprehensible, but to be experienced in all it´s ambiguity, beauty and chaos. However, I believe that the absolute purest form of love is self-love, because at the end of the day the most comprehensive and lifelong relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”

-Ida Zeile

”Love for me can means much but the most important thing is to love yourself firstly.”

-Donna Dobrinic


”Love can take place in many different forms, and I have very strong love for myself, my family and my friends, but also to people around me. I even want to be loving to people who have hurt me because. I believe they really need it. Forgiveness is important in order of feel love.” 

-Lady Silver

”Love is to me a feeling of care and security. Sharing both joys and sorrows. Caring so much that it hurts if the other person hurts.”

-Maria Sagvik

”As a first thought, love to me is for the first time not caring about someone’s flaws and imperfections at all and wanting to give everything possible of yourself to another person. Love also is feeling completely at ’home’ and as yourself.”

-Meryl Mägi

”Love is when you love and respect each other’s differences. When you appreciate and always are there for each other. Love should be shown every day, all year round, no matter what day it happens to be.”

-Arijana Heinrici

”Love for me is to be loved by family and friends, to be respected for who I am, and to give that love back to them over and over again.

– Stina Sallerström


Feb 10th, 2020

What is love for you? Love is the best feeling and Valentine´s day is just around the corner! We want to share a little more love and we want your help to spread it! Therefore, we want to know.. What is love for you? Share your answer on your Instagram and tag us in a story to get a discount code worth 20% off* or comment on our post and tag a friend to get a discount code worth 15% off*. Below are some stories by our Dry Lake girls:

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JAN 19th, 2020

A pair of black faux leather pants are a must this season and we love how our gorgeous Dry Lake-babe Meryl has styled our Sansa Trousers with boots and a blazer-style coat. An all-black look is always a classic and won’t be boring if you mix and match different materials and accessories. To see more inspiring photos and outfits, don’t forget to follow @merylmgi on Instagram


DEC 15TH, 2019

We can’t get enough of our gorgeous faux furs from the Vanessa xx Dry Lake collection. They add that extra luxury and attitude to any outfit and keep you warm at the same time. Here are Ida and Matilde, showing their favorites and how they wear them. Which one is your favorite?


NOV 17th, 2019
Hi Anita! What are your top 3 best style tips?

dress depending on your mood. If You’re having a bad day, it’s important to feel comfortable, but I love to dress up for special occasions and go all-in on styling. however, my most important tip is to be yourself!

What are your favorite looks this season?

I love stylish faux fur in a pretty color that I match with a pair of leather pants and white sneakers. My favorite fur right now is this light pink one with embroidery from Dry Lake

What is the best advice you can give to other women when it comes to feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your own personal style?

Don’t bother about what others think. It has taken some time for me to accept myself as the way I am, but I just dare to experiment with your style and wear your favorite looks with pride, and I promise you will be the best version of yourself!