Hi Anita! What are your top 3 best style tips?
dress depending on your mood. If You’re having
a bad day, it’s important to feel comfortable,
but i love to dress up for special occasios
and go all in on styling. however,
my most important tip is to be yourself!



What are your favorite looks this season?
I love a stylish faux fur in a pretty color that I
match with a pair of leather pants and white
sneakers. My favorite fur right now is this light pink
one with embroidery from Dry Lake!



What is the best advice you can give to other women
when it comes to feeling good about yourself
and comfortable in your own personal style?
Don’t bother about what others think. It has
taken some time for me to accept myself as the way
I am, but just dare to experiment with your style
and wear your favorite looks with pride, and I
promise you will be the best version of yourself!




Xx Dry Lake